Deep Ecology and Lifestyle

  1. using simple means
  2. anticonsumerism
  3. appreciation of ethnic and cultural differences
  4. eforts to satisfy vital needs rather than desires
  5. going for depth and richness of experience rather than intensity
  6. attempts to live in nature and promote community rather than society
  7. appreciating all life forms
  8. efforts to protect local ecosystems
  9. protecting wild species in conflicts with domenstic animals
  10. acting nonviolently (tendency toward vegetaranism)
  11. concern about the situation of the third and fourth world an the attepmpt to avoid a standard of living too much different from and higher than the needy. global solidarity of lifestyles
  12. appreciation of lifestyles which ar universalizable, which are not blatantly impossible to sustain withoutinjustice towards fellow humns or other species

Taken from “The Deep Ecology Movement – An Introductory Anthology” by Alan Drengson and Yuichi Inoue. North Atlantic Books 1995.

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