The Wonder Box

Denne boken av Roman Krznaric var et skikkelig funn. Her er det masse artig og lærerik info fra de siste 3000 årene innenfor en rekke tematikker. Boken er krydret med en del sitater, bl.a. dette fra Einstein:

Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.

I kapittelet «Creativity» var det et avsnitt jeg gjerne gjengir:

The final stage in the decline of Homo faber is the computer age, which began in the late twentieth century and in which we are still immersed. This is the era when we lost not the art of making or mending, but the art of practical understanding. Technology has become som complex that we no longer know how anything works. Fifty years ago you could probably figure out how your typewriter operated and fix it at a push, but most of us don´t have a clue how our computers function. What really goes on inside the whirring box where the hard drive lives? Today´s cars have so many computerised components that even trained mechanics have trouble repairing them. We have also become deskilled by modern technology, so that architects design with specialised software that renders them unable to draw, and bakers make bread by pushing a button rather than kneading dough. The result is almost total alienation from the material objects around us, eroding the possibilities for a culture of craft. Craft no longer seems a feasible option. (s. 270)

Om Lars

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