Noen sitater

Er nå godt i gang med Ray Simpsons bok «Exploring celtic spirituality». Allerede nå føler jeg for å skrive ned noen sitater her i bloggen…

Det første er fra s. 57:

«The spirit of our age may be summed up as, ‘How happy are those who increase their power to consume’. The Sermon on the Mount may be summed up as, ‘How happy are thos who know they have nothing, theirs is the kingdom of God’.»

Så hopper vi til s. 64, der han siterer Jean Vanier og hans refleksjoner om fellesskap:

«… some conditions that are neccessary for true community to exist:
willingness to be vulnerable
to know our limitations, weaknesses
to know and be known
to discover our deepest wounds
contemplative prayer.»

Så på s. 117:

«The twin idols of size and speed are destroying our planet. The lust for expansion (as distinct from growth, which is organic) compels societies to select and produce from nature’s inifinite variety only that which satisfies its immediate cravings. All other forms of life are eliminated. Time itself is under attack. The ‘time is money’ mentality interferes with the natural processes of nature and takes ‘the being’ out of life.»

Så, på s. 137, et visdomsord fra Columbanus:

«If you want to know the Creator, first understand and know creation!»

På siden etterpå er det en trosbekjennelse som St. Patrick lærte sine:

«Our God is the God of all people,
the God of heaven and earth.
The God of sea, of river, of sun and moon and stars,
of the lofty mountains and the lowly valleys.
The God above heaven,
the God under heaven,
the God in heaven.
He has his dwelling round heaven
and earth and sea, and all that is in them.
He inspires all,
he quickens all,
he dominates all,
he sustains all.»

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